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Man-Li always lives in the normal track as everybody considers. After graduating from school to society, she keeps each job with caution and fear. Unless she finds a new job, she won’t quit the current one easily. This time is quite different. She resigned and had no idea what to do next. She just thought to make a change of her lifestyle. However, what will it look like? She doesn’t know either. Her boyfriend proposed the thought of getting married. She doesn’t feel like working but it doesn’t necessarily mean that she has to choose marriage. All of this is because of the space she longs for. On the contrary, she doesn’t know what to do. Only she can do is in a daze!Waves kept patting the seashore of the night dream……a feeling was gradually brewed, swelled, unlimitedly developed and grew in strength! What does the voice of waves in the dream draw on earth?

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