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The Woman Who Walks on Water

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Nan-hee and Min-hee are best friends who also went to the same college. Nan-hee came from a poor family while Min-hee comes from a wealthy background. But their friendship overcomes these obvious difference. Nan-hee begins to work in the fashion industry shortly after graduation and soon goes to Paris to study while Min-hee marries Jae-min who was once supposed to have a blind date with Nan-hee. Nan-hee spends poor but passionate days in Paris. Jae-min stops by Paris on a business trip and the two begin to fall for each other. When Nan-hee returns to Seoul, Jae-min supports her business wholeheartedly. Min-hee is shocked beyond words when she finds out about the relations between the two. When Jae-min is in a car accident, they begin to consider divorce. Realizing that her best friend's life is in ruins because of her, Nan-hee gives up her business and marries an artist. Min-hee picks up Nan-hee's business from where she left off.

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