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THE WHITE DOOR, starring Giovanni Ribisi and Beth Riesgraf, is a more fulfilled version of the Beck 'Lonesome Tears' music video from three years prior, and now a love story. I had been a big Chaplin fan and was curious about what a modern silent film might look like. With the help of Eyal Gordin, the cinematographer of 'My Name is Earl,' we were able to make the film during the first season hiatus of MNIE. The main set, Giovanni's character's home, was built on the MNIE stage, with a handful of very kind and willing people helping to put it all together. Filming was completed in just three days. Aside from having screened the film for two separate audiences at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood shortly after the film’s completion, nothing ever came of it. This is the first time it's been made available for public viewing.

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