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Th (Part 11: Dr. Helen Caldicott) streaming


Th (Part 11:  Dr. Helen Caldicott) movie

Th (Part 11: Dr. Helen Caldicott)

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Dr. Helen Caldicott is the most prominent anti-nuclear activist in the world. She's been featured on CNN, 60 Minutes, CBC and Democracy Now. In the 80s, Helen Caldicott campaigned against nuclear weapons testing in the pacific (still responsible today for the majority of tritium we're exposed to), and against the notion of a winnable nuclear war. She was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts. She has always made inaccurate statements regarding civilian nuclear power. But, since the Fukushima-Diachii radiation release has caused (and is projected to cause) zero fatalities... http://www.unis.unvienna.org/unis/en/... ...her tone has changed when speaking to supporters. This has not been acknowledged by prime-time media, as they continue to use her as a source. Any person or media outlet should check Caldicott's history of statements (on any subject) against a domain expert before using her as a source.

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