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Heavy Mental: A Rock-n-Roll Blood Bath streaming


Heavy Mental: A Rock-n-Roll Blood Bath movie

Heavy Mental: A Rock-n-Roll Blood Bath

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The story of a garage band rock star named Ace who receives a guitar as a gift that once belonged to the god father of heavy metal, Eddie Lee Stryker. Ace soon realizes that this guitar is possessed by the spirit of Eddie and that the rock god was murdered by Mrs. Delicious (the beautiful and deadly Detroit crime boss). With the help of her crew of sexy hit women, Mrs. Delicious is terrorizing the city. The violent vixens start on a killing spree murdering anyone who has borrowed money from their boss and has not paid her back. When the blood trail leads them to Ace's dad's guitar shop, Ace is forced to take action to save his friends and family and avenge the death of his rock-n-roll idol.

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