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The Pharmacratic Inquisition streaming


The Pharmacratic Inquisition movie

The Pharmacratic Inquisition

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Gnostic Media


Inspired by the work of John Marco Allegro and the Dead Sea Scrolls.



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111 min Documentary 0 USD

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The Pharmacratic Inquisition is a provocative film from Gnostic Media that makes the argument that virtually all of the mythology, symbolism, and story of Jesus and related Christian traditions relate to two basic subjects: astrology and shamanism. For those unfamiliar with the evidence in support of this claim, this film can be truly eye opening and revolutionary. This is a DVD companion for the book, Astrotheology & Shamanism. This DVD companion contains about 25% of the information presented in book, though it contains about double the images. The DVD is not meant to have detailed sources. If you are interested in the sources used for this video, please see the book Astrotheology & Shamanism.

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