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Art of Crime movie

Art of Crime

Production companies

Gaumont Télévision, Gaumontstreaming tv


First : 2017-11-17 / Last : 2019-11-01

Created by

Angèle Herry-Leclerc ,Pierre-Yves Mora ,

popularity Genre QUALITY
1.553 Crime HD

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Fired for insubordination, PJ Antoine Verlay, good cop but a blood strand and having difficulty working as a team, is attached to the OCBC (Central Office for the fight against Traffic in Cultural Goods) thanks to the intervention of the commander Pardo, his friend who becomes, therefore, his new superior. A clever investigator, but a stranger to everything related to culture, Antoine will have to work with Florence Chassagne, renowned art historian, who lives, speaks and breathes culture, to the point that - fruit of her great imagination - it happens to her in the midst of daydreams, to see and talk to the great artists who have disappeared as if they were familiar to her.

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