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First : 2016-04-05 / Last : 2016-06-21

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Tomoki Kobayashi ,

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3.027 Action & Adventure HD
Animation DVDRIP

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"Hundred"—that is the only weapon that can oppose the mysterious life form "Savage" from visiting the earth. The protagonist, Kisaragi Hayato, aims to become a Martial Arts Master using this Hundred. He managed to get into the battleship university Little Garden. However— "I wanted to see you, Hayato!!!" "H-How do you know my name?" Around the roommate, Emil Crossford, who somehow knows him well (?), Hayato gets an uneasy feeling. What's more, just after the entrance ceremony, he gets asked for a duel by the campus' strongest martial arts master "Queen" Claire Harvey...!? The ultimate academy battle begins here!

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