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Platypus Man

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First : 1995-01-23 / Last : 1995-05-15

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Richard Jeni ,

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Platypus Man is an American sitcom that aired on UPN in 1995. Starring comedian Richard Jeni, the television series was based on an hour-long HBO special of Jeni's filmed in 1992. The series lasted for only one season, with a total of thirteen episodes. Platypus Man premiered January 23, 1995. The concept of a "Platypus Man", the concept of a "cooking show for guys" and the scenes involving the main character's social life were drawn from Jeni's stand-up routines. The show, paired with Pig Sty, followed Star Trek: Voyager on UPN's Monday schedule. Both Pig Sty and Platypus Man were canceled in July 1995.

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